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Regulatory Impact of Concentration of Ownership on the Relationship between Directorate Performance and Auditing Fee

Mashallah Valikhani, Fatemeh Shakernejad

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-13
DOI: 10.9734/jemt/2019/v24i430169

Due to the high impact of concentration of ownership on the auditing fee the relationship between supervision on the directorate structure and auditing fees is dependent to concentration of ownership and concentration of ownership have a significant role in the relation between monitoring the directorate structure and audit fee and increase and a decrease of concentration of ownership influences the relationship board dimensions and audit fee strongly.

This study aims to investigate the impact of concentration of ownership on the relationship between institutional owners to the directorate independence and audit fee accepted companies in the Tehran stock market. In this study with using systematic removal method, a sample of 122 companies was accepted from listed companies in The Tehran stock market during the period from 2011 to 2016.

According to variables and theoretical fundamentals of research 3 hypothesis has been raised for the research and test of hypothesis were used to the method of relative economics. The result of the first to third hypothesis test showed that concentration of ownership moderates the relationship between the directorate and audit fee of listed companies in the Tehran stock market.

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Analysis of Forest Based Mortar and Pestle Marketing in Oyo State, Nigeria

A. F. Aderounmu, A. O. Adepoju

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-7
DOI: 10.9734/jemt/2019/v24i430170

The emerging high level technology is a threat to small scale retail livelihood business in Nigeria. Wood carving business particularly mortar and pestle production and marketing, is an important component of local household economy and culture of many tribes especially in southwestern Nigeria. This study analyzed marketing of mortar and pestle in Oyo state, Nigeria. Primary data were collected through administration of questionnaire using snowballing technique to select 37 traders who are involved in marketing of mortar and pestle in five major markets in Ibadan metropolis. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics to describe socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents while marketing margin analysis was used to determine the profitability in mortar and pestle among the traders. The results revealed that majority of the respondents involved in mortar and pestle marketing were male (90.3) with more than three-quarter having primary education (87.1%). The respondents are in their active and middle age with average age of 38 years. The estimated monthly return on the marketing of mortar and pestle was ₦19,000.00. Vitellaria paradoxa was ranked first among the tree species used in mortar production while Irvingia gabonensis was ranked last. The average price of Vitellaria paradoxa ₦4,000.00 was highest while Pterocarpus soyauxii was the cheapest for all the types of mortar and pestle in terms of size. Majority (90.32%) of the respondents laid emphasis on the type of tree species when choosing mortar and pestle for either domestic or commercial uses. The study therefore recommends that efforts be made towards sustainable forest management and encourage private individuals on establishing economic tree plantations in order to ensure continuous availability of wood species for mortar and pestle business.

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Investigating the Impact of Supply Chain Management and Marketing Strategies on Organizational Performance

Hasani Behzad, Seyyedvalilou Mirmahmood

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-11
DOI: 10.9734/jemt/2019/v24i430171

Today, with the growth and development of marketing methods, their impact on the business environment cannot be ignored. The use of marketing and supply chain management enables organizations to succeed in creation of a greater value for customers and other interested people. Accordingly, after determining the objectives, variables and factors of designing the corresponding measurement tool(s), preliminary field studies and validation of the data measurement tool(s), preparation of the final questionnaire and its distribution among the relevant experts, according to the number of the statistical population which is equal to 1000, 390 samples were selected using Cochran method. Structural equations have been used in the field of statistical analysis results of the research questions and the PLS statistical software was selected. After investigation of the data, a significant positive relationship was found between the variables, the model had a good fit, and finally, the developed model was approved.

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Environmental Impact of Commercial Motorcycles in Katsina Metropolis: Implications for Environmental Sustainability

Naseer Babangida Muazu

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/jemt/2019/v24i430172

The pattern globally nowadays is to reduce environmental pollution by all means as part of sustainable development goals. However, daily increase in the number of commercial motorcycles in Nigeria does not help in achieving this objective. It is for this reason, the present study assessed the environmental impact of commercial motorcycles in Katsina metropolis with special emphasis on air and noise pollution. A structural questionnaire and interviews were formulated, stratified random sampling technique was used in obtaining data. Ten (10) wards were selected from the twelve (12) wards of the local government area from which 150 completed questionnaires were received from randomly selected households. Also, the study used a structured interviews to collect relevant data from fifty (50) households respondents, (5) respondents in each of the ten (10) wards.

 Additionally, a noise dosimeter was used to detect noise pollution in five (5) selected locations within Katsina metropolis namely; Katsina central market, Kofar Kwaya round about, Batsari round about, a long Kofar Soro road and Kofar Marusa road. A descriptive analysis and dosimeter readings were used to present the results. The findings revealed that 72% of the respondents reported commercial motorcycles as a source of air pollution and the level of pollution in the area is very high, only 1% of the respondents indicated low air pollution. In terms of noise pollution, 78% of the respondents reported very high noise pollution.  Results of noise dosimeters showed that Katsina central market location recorded 89.7dB (highest), while Kofar Soro road recorded 84.1dB (lowest). The result in central market location is higher than 55dB maximum permissible limit set by NESREA Act, 2007 and closer to 90dB permissible limit set by World Health Organization (WHO). The findings of the study has important implication on environmental sustainability in Nigeria.

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The Effect of Relationship Marketing towards Enhancing Organizational Performance

Tadesse Gezahegn Gudeta, Tibebu Woldie Abere

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/jemt/2019/v24i430174

Businesses are living in a world of stiff competition. To be successful in this competition, considering customer relationship is a requisite, and organizations need to concentrate more on applying relationship marketing variables. The objective of the study is to assess the effects of relationship marketing towards enhancing organizational performance. The researchers made use of exploratory research design to make an in-depth investigation of the problem and to develop a working hypothesis from an operational aspect. Customers and employees of Ethio-telecom, Kobo branch were the target population of the study. A five point Likert-Type questionnaire and structured interview were administered to collect the pertinent data among selected Staffs of Ethio-telecom; kobo branch. Stratified sampling technique was used to identify the sample respondents from the sampling frame and the data were analyzed by using SPSS version 20 software. The result of the study shows that commitment has highest effect on performance followed by conflict handling (β=0.287,p=0.01), communication(β=0.229, P=0.01) and trust (0.154, p=0.05) respectively. The need to augment the level of loyalty to customers, developing a cooperative behavior to clients, hire employees who are likely to become linked to the organization, rendering a flexible service packages, providing sufficient and trustworthy services and demonstrate knowledge and expertise and confer continuous and uninterrupted services are among the possible recommendations forwarded on the basis of the finding of the study.