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An Empirical Analysis of Value Added Tax on Economic Growth, Evidence from Kenya Data Set

Omondi Benard Owino

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-14
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/46167

The study is aimed at empirically analyzing the effect of value added tax /sales tax on economic growth in Kenya for the period 1973 to 2010 The study adopted econometric exposition based on its ability to determine the strength and direction of relationships between variables. The ordinary least square technique was used to estimate the model. The empirical result indicates that a positive and insignificant relationship exist between value added tax and economic growth in Kenya. A positive and insignificant correlation between VAT Revenue and GDP means there are some problems inhibiting its potency. The study concluded that the effect of value added tax on the economy is not large enough to influence the economic growth. It therefore recommended that the government should reform VAT system to engineer a system that would have a significant impact on economic growth.

Open Access Original Research Article

Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Strategy for National Development

Mustapha Alhaji Ali, Yakubu Salisu

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-13
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/44828

Women entrepreneurship and empowerment are technically interrelated, the paper aims to examine Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Strategy for National Development. Women in developed nations play an important role in national and economic development. Indeed, women in northern Nigeria are not adequately empowered because of the patriarchal nature of the region that gave much power to men and placed women at subordinate positions, in view of this the paper aim to examine why northern Nigerian women are not adequately empowered, and how they can be empowered in the nation. The study is qualitative in nature, here data were obtained from a secondary source, documents were systematically reviewed to discuss the topic under study. From the available data, the study showcased that surely, women are being dominated in the entrepreneurship in of northern Nigeria, this is because most of the business enterprises are been controlled by men in the region. In explaining this study empowerment theory was used, the theory was propounded by Sara Longwe in 1990. Essentially, the assumption of the theory dwells on women empowerment and gender equality. This Theory aims to critically access the level of women empowerment and development. The postulation of the theory is to ensure equal opportunities for both men and women to attain gender parity. This theory will help in abridging gender differences and sustain equal access to education and economy. The study found that cultural stereotype, unequal access to education and inadequate capital has affected northern women entrepreneurship and empowerment. Given this, the study recommends that the government should empower the northern women through free education and skills acquisition programmes in Nigeria especially in the northern region. government and financial institutions should provide women with soft loans to empower them to start a business.

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Local Governance in Vietnam

Hai Phu Do

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-14
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/46613

This study examines which configurations explain the outcomes of local government reform and its variable conditions through comparative qualitative analysis (QCA). The research is represented for the analysis of sub-system conditions through a case of Vietnam in public administration reform. Generally the results show the minimum configurations of key variable conditions to achieve the outcomes of local government reform. Public governance conditions affect public administration reform, and the outcomes of local government reform are based on a number of conditional variables including participation at local levels, transparency, vertical accountability, control of corruption in the public sector, public administrative procedures, public service delivery.

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Do Corporate Social Responsibility and Safety of Food Affect Reputation? A Study of Fast-food Restaurants Industry in Hong Kong

Canon Tong, Anthony Tik-Tsuen Wong, Tim Cheng

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-18
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/46107

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been seen increasingly used as to gain competitive advantages. It has become especially significant in retailing industry where CSR practices in health, safety and environmental issues are concerned. This research was undertaken to study the customers’ perception of the impact of CSR in fast-food restaurants in Hong Kong. Empirical data was gathered using a self-administered questionnaire survey of randomly selected customers leaving randomly selected fast-food restaurants in Hong Kong. 350 completed questionnaires were collected and statistically analyzed by verifying the relationships between the three constructs in this study, they are corporate social responsibility, food health and safety and corporate reputation by using structural equation modeling. The results found that corporate social responsibility has a positive correlation with food health and safety, and both corporate social responsibility and food health and safety are positively related to corporate reputation. The study adds to the relevant body of knowledge both theoretically and practically. It also adds new erudition with regards to food health and safety and its role in the relationships between corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation.

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Interactive Learning and Innovation: Conceptual and Mathematical Models. A District Study

Dorota Leszczyńska, Erick Pruchnicki, Małgorzata Domiter

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-13
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/46594

Aims: Explaining how social, cognitive and personal proximities influence interactive learning and innovation in an industrial district.

Study Design: Drawing on a conceptual development, six proposals are presented and explored in a study based in the Venetian district. On the basis of these proposals, a mathematical model for knowledge transfer and innovation is developed.

Results: A qualitative study of the Venetian glassmaking district shows how interactive learning in an industrial district occurs on both horizontal and vertical dimensions, along which proximities play different roles. Both horizontal and vertical learning takes place through social, cognitive and personal proximities. More precisely, it is demonstrated that knowledge of mathematical law, on both horizontal and vertical dimensions, are extensions of existing knowledge which can be found in the nevertheless scarce managerial literature on this subject.

Conclusion: This study contributes to the literature on proximity within industrial districts by highlighting the role of personal proximity, which has hitherto been largely unexplored. This paper also considers the coevolution between dimensions of proximity and provides evidence of two mechanisms of coevolution: a compensation mechanism between social and cognitive proximity, and a substitution mechanism between personal proximity, and cognitive and social proximities. The elaboration of a mathematical model drawn from a qualitative conceptual model is rarely found in the existing literature. A theoretical expression of the equation of knowledge dynamics is also presented.