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The Effects of Inflation on Sustainable Growth: The Case of OECD Countries

Manel Kamoun

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/34821

The sustainable growth represents the future path and goal of the world. However, the persistence of the inflationist atmosphere in OECD needs the serious examination of the effect of inflation on the sustainability. Knowing the crucial role of sustainable growth path for the economy and the environment, the aim of this work is to examine the determinants of the sustainable growth in OECD countries. The current study aims to extend this line of research by including inflation in the Environmental Kuznets Curve Modified (ECK-modified) for the case of OECD countries. This study represents an extension of our latest work 1. So the object of this study is to treats the effect of inflation on sustainable growth through analyzing the impact of the level of consumption prices on sustainable growth in the 12 OECD countries evaluate this link empirically, we have used a panel data model applied on the (EKC-modified) function for a panel model applying on the modified environmental Kuznets curve (MECK) for the case of 12 OECD countries covering the period (1990-2013). We have found a significant and negative effect of inflation on sustainable growth. However, the effect is low. OECD countries should ensure a modest inflation and enhance the use of technological innovation in renewable energy to maintain a sustainable growth path.

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Carrying Capacity of Betawi Setu Babakan Cultural Tourism Area a Case Study in South Jakarta, Indonesia

T. Titi Widaningsih, Mirza Ronda, Rahtika Diana, Arry Rahayunianto

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/45532

The Setu Babakan Betawi cultural village has been designated as a cultural heritage for more than 15 years with the aim of preserving and developing the culture of Betawi community. Betawi cultural village is in the tourism area of Setu Babakan. Setu Babakan tourism area has been designated as a Betawi cultural tourism area but the number of tourist visits is still low due to lack of promotion and tourist destination carrying capacity. This study aimed to identify the tourism area carrying capacity covering several dimensions, namely (1) attraction that also included uniqueness, (2) accessibility, (3) facilities that included amenity and ancillary (4) community involvement, using multidimensional scaling analysis (MDS). The results of the MDS analysis of the dimensions of attractiveness and access were in the good category with values of 78.18 and 79.3. The dimensions of uniqueness and facilities were quite good, with values of 59.74 and 67.65 respectively. While the dimensions of community involvement were in the fair category 44.49. Therefore, to develop and increase tourist visits, community involvement needed to be increased.

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Proactiveness and Exploitation Competitive Strategies of Mobile Communication Firms in Rivers State

Wegwu, Macaulay Enyindah, C. A. Nwuche

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/44121

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between proactiveness and exploitation strategies for meeting the existing and future market demands of consumers. From the population of 162 employees made up top level managers, middle level managers and supervisors, a sample size of 112 from four mobile communication firms was drawn for the study. For the analysis of the hypothesis and research question, data were generated by the administration of questionnaire and analysed using mean and standard deviation statistical tools (univariate analysis). For hypothesis testing, the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used to ascertain the relationship between the variables. Based on the findings, the study concluded that there is a significant relationship between proactivenesss and exploitation strategies of the mobile communication firms in Rivers State. The study then recommended that exploitation strategy should be based on the improvement of the existing competencies and resources in order to improve on their operational efficiency towards meeting future demands.

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Causative Investigation of Corporate Social Responsibility to Customers on Employees’ Commitment to the Organization and Job Satisfaction in Construction Corporates

Younes A A Hammouda, Mohd Zukime Mat Junoh

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-12
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/46318

In the standard tactic, a lot of companies believe that the customer is actually interested just in the last product that it buys, or perhaps quite, how it's constructed. How the company deal with customer, whether there is a strategy for customer care and social responsibility to their customers, are found to be important by public and internal employees. Nowadays, nonetheless, employees are starting to evaluate businesses in phrases of job conditions and what the business does for customers. This particular realization offers a chance for this particular study to take a look at the process of CSR to customers (as one of the primary stakeholders) as well as satisfaction and commitment of employees to the organization in the UAE construction sector. The model has three variables, CSR to customers, employees’ job satisfaction, and employees’ commitment to the organisation, and three direct relations to be assessed in this study. The study is a descriptive study based on quantitative analysis of original data, which has been collected by using a well-structured questionnaire. The study are deductive approach and following the scientific approach steps for deciding about the proposed argument of the research problem. The valid sample size, after data cleaning, is 457 cases, which is satisfying the needed sample size. The usable dataset found to be reliable and valid based on a variety of Smart PLS assessments. Employees evaluate their commitment to the organization and satisfaction at below average levels, which is partly caused by the CSR to employee. The results show that employees’ commitment and satisfaction are at below average level. CSR to customers’ found to be a strong cause of the low employees’ commitment and the low employees’ job satisfaction. Overall, the findings show that CSR to customers in UAE is influencing the employees’ job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation, and it is for sure one of the causatives of the low employees’ commitment. Overall, the three proposed direct relation within the model was approved at significance level of 1%. Thus, public relation, marketing, and customer care management must enrich the corporate social practices towards customers and corporate governance must adapt the policies to be a CSR effective. Projected future research is to investigate other constructs of CSR and to examine more consequences such as performance and loyalty.

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Sustainability for Corporate Entrepreneurship-driven Large Corporations

Jafy Lok Tak Ming

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-14
DOI: 10.9734/JEMT/2019/46238

With the increasing importance of corporate entrepreneurship and sustainability to large corporation, this study helped by confirming the necessity to focus on the driving forces of corporate entrepreneurship, namely the manager characteristics, organization antecedents, and external environment. This is a quantitative research with a descriptive and causal design that is geared towards a path analytic model as an output, using the basic criteria of corporate entrepreneurship to the sustainability of large corporations. Path analysis was used as the main analytical tool to gain insight on the degree of influence of each driving force and its impact on corporate entrepreneurship in large corporations and to understand its link to sustainability of large corporations. From the results, focusing on the driving forces of corporate entrepreneurship could also improve the sustainability of large corporations. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that corporate entrepreneurship of large corporation positively and significantly influence the sustainability of large corporations. Thus, the management of large corporations should consider formulating proper company strategies to promote the driving forces of corporate entrepreneurship and these would positively influence their sustainability. In addition, the best driver of corporate entrepreneurship and of sustainability is organization antecedents which focus on organization structure, management supports and risk-taking tolerance.