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Management Education for Professional Integrity: The Case of University Centre for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara, Mexico

José G. Vargas-Hernández

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 1-20

This paper is aimed to analyze professional integrity as an improvement concept to the actual values and virtues and meaning managerial capabilities and attitudes to assume any professional task. The objective of the study is to analyze a case of management education for professional integrity at the University Centre for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara. The research method employed is the ethnographic, documental and life’s histories, complemented with field work supported by in-depth interviews and analyzed using a comparative method. The outcomes of the research on the application in management education demonstrate that the drama of economic efficiency is centred on a dysfunctional professional integrity. This chapter provides a sound professional philosophy that empowers professionals to act with integrity, increases the probability for long-term success and professional fulfilment. The results provide also the basis to develop a code of conduct and regulation policies to sustain management education for professional integrity which, can positively impact on business culture through influencing the behaviour of key actors. to the haematological indices.

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Privatization of the Central Medical Supplies (CMS) Public Corporation: A Study

Gamal K. M. Ali, Abdeen Mustafa Omer

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 21-32

To improve the effectiveness of the public pharmacy, resources should be switched towards areas of need for reducing inequalities and promoting better health conditions. Medicines are financed either through cost sharing or full private. The role of the private services is significant. A review of reform of financing medicines in Sudan is given in this article. Also, it highlights the current drug supply system in the public sector, which is currently responsibility of the Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation (CMS). In Sudan, the researchers did not identify any rigorous evaluations or quantitative studies about the impact of drug regulations on the quality of medicines and how to protect public health against counterfeit or low quality medicines, although it is practically possible. However, the regulations must be continually evaluated to ensure the public health is protected by marketing high quality medicines rather than commercial interests, and the drug companies are held accountable for their conducts.

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Factors Influencing the Selection of Real Estate Agents in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria

Araloyin Funmilayo Moyinola, Ojo Olatoye

Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, Page 33-41

Real estate investment involves huge sum of money often beyond the reach of a single individual. For most estate owners, real estate is probably their single largest investment media. It is therefore necessary that one makes the right choice on whom to handle ones single largest financial investment. This study attempt to investigate into factors that real estate customers consider in selecting their estate agents in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria for the purpose of creating better customer satisfaction in real estate agency market. The data collection instrument adopted for this study was self-administered questionnaires. The study sample consisted of two hundred and three (203) real estate consumers in Lagos metropolis. A survey of 203 real estate consumers revealed the factors influencing the selection of real estate agents in the study area. The study found out that real estate consumers are mostly concern about agent’s reputation when deciding on the choice of whom to handle probably their single largest investment. The study also found that 75 representing 37% of the study population employs the services of real estate agents in order to maximize returns.