Broadband Penetration and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria

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S. V. Oloja
Olubokun Sanmi
O. A. Obolo
M. F. Ayinuola


This paper investigated the relationship between broadband penetration and economic growth in Nigeria. The secondary data for the study were collected from the World Bank and this includes data on Internet broadband usage and Gross Domestic Product while the primary data were generated from the questionnaire administered to the respondents. The descriptive statistics and the ordinary least square regression analytical method were used to examine the relationship between broadband penetration and economic growth. It was discovered that a per cent increase in broadband penetration will only increase output (Economic Growth) by 0.1 per cent in Nigeria. The data analysis showed a significant and positive relationship between broadband penetration and economic growth. The study thus recommended that efforts must be made towards the implementation of broadband policy and effective utilization of the broadband network. Also, better telecommunication reforms that will create enabling environment and encourage the inflow of broadband networks should be made.

Broadband penetration, economic growth, internet, telecommunication, subscribers, network

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Oloja, S. V., Sanmi, O., Obolo, O. A., & Ayinuola, M. F. (2020). Broadband Penetration and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 26(3), 1-6.
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