Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Impact on Brand Building: Special Reference to Employees of Selected Companies in Nepal

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Manoj Kumar Thapa Magar
Ashok Pandey
Dila Ram Bhandari
Ramanand Pandit
Shravan Kumar Saini


This study identifies the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its impact on the branding of the company. Many business companies in Nepal have integrated CSR and philanthropic activities into day-to-day operations. The realization of social responsibility has led them to share their profit with humanity and getting engaged in various areas of social well-being. The result shows employees perceive a significant association on the branding of the company especially in the areas of social/community service, ethical, health, environmental and education activities.

Branding, corporate social responsibility, CSR performance, Nepal.

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Magar, M. K. T., Pandey, A., Bhandari, D. R., Pandit, R., & Saini, S. K. (2020). Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Impact on Brand Building: Special Reference to Employees of Selected Companies in Nepal. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 26(2), 64-71.
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