Consumers’ Perceptions Regarding Adoption of Leaf Color Chart for Resource Management

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Alisha Chauhan
Sukhmani .


Aim: This study attempts to understand the consumers’ perceptions regarding adoption of leaf color chart for resource management in agriculture and how the adoption level varies among various age groups, landholding sizes and income groups.

Study Design: An exploratory research study was undertaken and consumer responses were recorded using a well-structured, disguised questionnaire.

Methodology: From eight villages of two major districts of Punjab state, a total of 150 farmers were selected as respondents. These respondents selected belonged to different age groups, landholding sizes and income groups in order to represent the whole population effectively. The data collected through questionnaires were analyzed using appropriate statistical tools.

Major Findings: It was found that most of the respondents were aware of ill-effects of excessive usage of fertilizers, but were still practicing fertilizer inputs based on their personal experiences instead of using any technical advice or techniques established. Young farmers, farmers belonging to small and semi-medium landholding sizes and medium income groups were observed to have higher adoption level as compared to others.

Conclusion: Approximately 70 percent of the respondents were not using leaf color chart, even though 73 percent of the total respondents were aware about the technology. Age, landholding sizes and income groups had significant effect on the perception of respondents towards adoption of leaf color chart for resource management.

Perception, resource management, adoption, etc.

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Chauhan, A., & ., S. (2020). Consumers’ Perceptions Regarding Adoption of Leaf Color Chart for Resource Management. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 25(6), 1-11.
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