Fun Culture in the Work Place: A Systematic Review

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V. L. Dilakshini
S. Mohan Kumar


A Fun environment is a positive and simple atmosphere which encourage the attraction and retention of valuable human resource in an organization. This study reviews some literature (nearly twenty (20) articles based on fun culture) in past to give a clear picture regarding the workplace fun which is most important factor for today’s managers to engage their employees in the work environment happily. Fun means different things to different people and the purpose of this paper is to attempt to answer the question “what is workplace fun?”. And also how the leader playing a major role in the fun environment. This paper suggests some specific connections between fin and some positive as well as negative organizational outcomes. The ambiguity and complexity of workplace fun is an emerging topic for research that offers a variety of implications for scholars and practitioners in HRM and Organizational Behaviors. The Authors contend that workplace fun potentially offers managers’ opportunities for fostering a climate which create workplace benefits.

Workplace fun, culture, fun culture, corporate culture, leadership

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Dilakshini, V. L., & Kumar, S. M. (2019). Fun Culture in the Work Place: A Systematic Review. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 23(6), 1-7.
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