Exploration of the Spirituality Values in Accountability of Islamic Organizations

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Alvy Mulyaning Tyas
Mustika Winedar
Nur Sayidah


This study aims to find the values of Islamic spirituality in an Islamic organization. The Islamic organization that became the site of this research is BMT Airlangga Bakti Persada (Abada). The methodology chosen in this research is qualitative with exploration method. Data collection was done by interview. The components of data analysis include data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and conclusions. The result of the research shows that the spiritual values of Islam practiced in BMT Abada are the application of sky management and love. The value of Islamic spirituality is not just a slogan but is actually implemented in daily activities, that is to employees, members, and accountability.

Accountability, islamic spirituality, sky management, love and affections

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Tyas, A., Winedar, M., & Sayidah, N. (2019). Exploration of the Spirituality Values in Accountability of Islamic Organizations. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 23(5), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/jemt/2019/v23i530144
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