Profit Analysis of Non Identical Repairable Units Subject to Two Phase Repair of System

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Raeesa Bashir
Nafeesa Bashir
Shakeel A. Mir


The paper deals with the profit analysis of three non-identical units A, B, and C in which either Unit A or one of the units B and C should work for the successful functioning of the system. Two types of repairman are available in the system viz. Ordinary and Expert repairman. The expert repairman is called only when the system breaks down. Unit A gets priority for repair and is repaired by expert repairman while as Unit B and C is repaired by ordinary repairman if the system doesn’t fail totally. The failure time distribution of unit-A, B and C are taken as exponential. The distribution of time to repair of units is assumed to be general.

Mean sojourn time, availability analysis, expected number of visits by regular and expert repairman, profit analysis of system

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Bashir, R., Bashir, N., & Mir, S. (2019). Profit Analysis of Non Identical Repairable Units Subject to Two Phase Repair of System. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 23(5), 1-6.
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