Forecasting the Trend of Specialized Digital Marketing of Social Media in Iran in 2023

Maryam Noorymotlagh *

Faculty of Business and Economics, Eastern Mediterranean University, Via Mersin 10, TRNC, Turkey.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This article explores the role of social media as a potent factor in marketing and its impact on organizational structure, with a specific focus on digital marketing. It outlines the components and roadmap for the integration of digital marketing into social media. By presenting results illustrating the presence of Iranian companies on popular domestic and foreign social media platforms, the study discusses the significance of these platforms in facilitating business and marketing interactions with the new generation, leading to the establishment of loyal customers. The factors discussed in relation to these media include cost reduction, gaining the trust of the new generation, increasing revenue, and the importance of building the company's brand. The research findings, based on an examination of 15 Persian articles published on reputable websites between 2017 and 2023, reveal a growing trend of users migrating to social networks and their inclination to share their product and service experiences with others. Other consumers place greater importance on these experiences shared on social networks when making purchasing decisions. Simultaneously, the study highlights the significant rise in television advertising costs and traditional forms of advertising (such as billboards) in Iran during 2023. Consequently, Iranian companies exhibit a strong inclination to utilize digital marketing on social networks as a means to promote their products and services. Furthermore, the findings indicate that Iranian companies are actively exploring innovative avenues for digital marketing on social networks, utilizing new tools such as Telegram or Instagram bots.

Keywords: Digital marketing, social media, Instagram, telegram, branding

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Noorymotlagh , M. (2023). Forecasting the Trend of Specialized Digital Marketing of Social Media in Iran in 2023. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 29(10), 89–97.


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