Journal of Economics, Management and Trade 2019-11-15T06:08:33+00:00 Journal of Economics, Management and Trade Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal of Economics, Management and Trade (ISSN:&nbsp;2456-9216)</strong> publishes manuscripts with valuable insight to research, ideas and strategies of economics, management and trade. The journal also encourages the submission of useful reports of negative results. This is a quality controlled, OPEN peer reviewed, open access INTERNATIONAL journal. This journal aims to publish high quality papers (<a href="/index.php/JEMT/general-guideline-for-authors">Click here for Types of paper</a>) in all below mentioned areas.</p> Assessment of Procurement Plan in the Nigeria Construction Industry: A Case of Selected Firms in Port Harcourt, Nigeria 2019-11-15T06:08:33+00:00 C. C. Emekoma <p>The Procurement plan and procedure in Nigeria have gone through a number of changes, with main objective of reducing or at best eliminating corruption in public procurement, realizing values for money, efficiency in procurement process among others. The data of assessment of procurement plan in the Nigerian construction industry was collected through administrating questionnaire to selected members of the companies and was analyzed using three statistical tools, namely; percentage analysis, chi-square and measures of dispersion. The table from which was&nbsp; drawn the&nbsp; analysis of&nbsp; assessment of procurement&nbsp; plan in the Nigeria construction industry reveal that&nbsp; among the professionals who responded to the questionnaire 27.6% are members of the Nigeria Institute of Quality Surveyors (NIQS) , 13.2% belong to the Nigeria Institute of Architects (NIA), and 22.4% belong to the Nigeria institute of Builders (NIOB), while 3.9% are members of Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), those who belong to other professional body other&nbsp; than the those above are 9.2% and 23.7% are not registered with any professional body. From the chi-square test of independence, it was found that at 5% level of significance opinion of respondents is not independent of their professional background. The Likert summary table also show reveal the following (i) procurement system affect project cost (ii) procurement system affect quality of work (iii) procurement plans affect design team performance. Also, the statements with low variance and standard deviation are more reliable than those with high variance and standard deviation. Therefore, on commencement of construction projects consultant must advise their clients on the building procurement system available.</p> 2019-11-05T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## New Tendencies in Contemporary Foreign Trade Policy 2019-11-15T06:08:32+00:00 Zdzisław W. Puślecki <p>In this research work, the author focuses on the analysis new tendencies in contemporary foreign trade policy. Accordance to the foreign trade policy theory further trade liberalization and improved framework policies would increase trade and promote growth. It must be emphasized that openness to trade is associated with higher incomes and growth and there is the need for new approaches to trade cooperation in light of the forces that are currently re-shaping international business. What indicates the importance and innovativeness of the research is the presentation of the new models of foreign trade policy and trade interests. First of all it must underline that in the new theoretical terms in the demand for trade policy very important is factor specificity. The low specificity of factors means that factor returns are equalized throughout a region’s economy. On the other hand some factors are stuck in their present uses; therefore, factor returns are not equalized throughout a region’s economy but are industry-specific. The main objective of the research task is to give a comprehensive analysis of current trends in foreign trade theory and policy and in particular the models of foreign trade policy, trade interests indicated by export orientation and import sensitivity, foreign trade policy in different types of authoritarian regimes, protectionism pressures in different political system, the level of protectionism pressures, the variation in the foreign trade policy among states, the liberalization of China foreign trade policy and their effects,&nbsp; the tendencies to international trade liberalization and the problem of environmental protection, and the tendencies to bilateralism in the foreign trade policy. It should be stressed that free trade in itself is not responsible for economic growth, but more significant are the determining macroeconomic stability and increasing investment.</p> 2019-11-06T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tourists Perception Towards Tourist Satisfaction in Pangandaran Beach, West Java, Indonesia 2019-11-15T06:08:31+00:00 Lisa Ratnasari Bernard Hasibuan Ninin Gusdini <p>Pangandaran Regency has quite diverse tourist destinations ranging from beach tourism, cave tourism, cultural tourism and others. Pangandaran Beach is one of the tourist destinations in the Regency of Pangandaran, West Java, from sources of the Tourism Office and Pangandaran Culture it can be seen that the level of tourist visits to Pangandaran Beach from 2016 to 2017 has decreased for international tourists while experiencing an increase for domestic tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research aimed to determine the perceptions of tourists to improve the quality of management services in Pangandaran Beach tourist destination.</p> <p>The method used is the servqual method and PGCV (Potential Gain Customer Value). The servqual method aims to see the service quality attributes that need to be improved and the PGCV method aims to complete the analysis results of servqual by determining the priority of improvements that must be done based on the PGCV index.</p> <p>Based on the results of the analysis, there are 5 service quality attributes that need to be improved, such as attractions displayed, providing updated information about upcoming events, integrated information service center on children and lost items, sound notification of danger in the coastal area and the availability of integrated service posts around the beach.</p> 2019-11-09T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Decision Support System on the Management of Coastal Ecotourism in Pramuka Island, Seribu Islands 2019-11-15T06:08:30+00:00 Kohar Sulistyadi Nugroho B. Sukamdani <p>Tourism activities are generally sought to increase the country’s foreign exchange, provide business opportunities, create employment opportunities and reduce unemployment. Coastal tourism is a part of the tourism activities related to the beauty of the beach panorama, sports tourism and environmental sustainability. In the industrial era 4.0, there has been a massive changes in science and technology known as the rapid disruptive movement of technology, causing many large companies to state bankruptcy and change the pattern of behavior of the current millennial generation. A lot of sectors, including tourism, which have so far been worked on by human labor, are being replaced by technology, robots or artificial intelligence. The development of tourism areas requires medium and long term of strategic studies and involves some elements including investors, transportation facilities, hotels, communication, etc. Given that the problems faced are so complex, dynamically changing at any time and faced with uncertainty (probabilistic), it needs to review whether the development of Integrated ecotourism management model in the Seribu Islands implements a system approach that is able to provide benefits and satisfaction of coastal tourism stakeholders. This study aimed to focus on developing the development of an integrated coastal tourism management model in the Seribu islands that was intended for ecotourism management consisting of several sub-models, namely: 1). prediction of tourist visits based on Forecasting and 2) Focus Group Discussion of coastal tourism actors based on the MAAMS method. The results of the discussion show that: 1) the tourist visits tend to increase, 2) some actors in the ecotourism are identified and 3) there is a solution for the roots of problem of coastal tourism that brings benefits to all actors.</p> 2019-11-09T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Why Do Migrants Remit? Empirical Evidence from Kenya 2019-11-15T06:08:28+00:00 John N. Maara Damiano K. Manda Joy Kiiru <p><strong>Aims: </strong>Remittances both external and internal are very important to the Kenyan economy. In view of this, this study improves the understanding of the drivers of remittances in Kenya. In addition, the study empirically tests the main theories of remittances namely altruism, self interest and implicit contractual agreement.</p> <p><strong>Methodology:</strong> This paper analyzes migrant’s remittance behaviour in Kenya using household survey data from World Bank 2009 African Migration Project. Since a large share of migrants does not remit, Heckman sample selection model is suggested and estimated using Limited Information Maximum Likelihood method.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> The results show that external migrants have a higher probability to remit and, on average send higher levels of remittances back home relative to internal migrants. Internal and external migrants with higher levels of education prior to migration and employed migrants remit more both at extensive and intensive margins. External migrants have a higher probability to remit and send larger amounts of money to higher-income households while internal migrants have a higher probability to remit and send higher levels to lower-income households.</p> <p><strong>Conclusion:</strong> Therefore, the empirical results suggest that internal and external remittances are motivated by altruism and inter-temporal contractual agreement between a migrant and the household. The results also provide support for external remittances as being motivated by self-interest.</p> 2019-11-12T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##